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The automatic PANEL PC control is the perfect solution for those who need to handle very complex and/or long cutting lines equipped also with cross transfers and measuring stop device. 


> It meets high automation requirements and independence from the operator.

> It enables control in real-time on each system component and a quick diagnostics of the problems.   

> It also allows to control the start/stop of the machine connected to the material handling.

> The 15'' touchscreen panel PC is placed on a separate fixed stand that can be equipped with a lockable trolley. 

> It allows the configuration of a complete material handling line, saving of jobs in the local memory and also remote programming.

> Ideal to send cutting cycles programming even remotely, through internet connection.   

> It allows a real-time diagnostics of all the network nodes connected to the main control. 


    Single components or the whole cutting line (loading/unloading) can be individually activated/disabled by pushing the icon on the touch screen.  

    Status of the element/cutting area:                        
    - green means active                                                        
    - grey means disable                                                          
    - orange means in process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In this way, for example, a cut piece can be pushed out without involving all the other motorized roller conveyors; the cross transfers can handle the material keeping the cutting area safe; the squaring vice can align the material, while another material is already positioned in the cutting area and safe.