Case history

Hereunder the story of our last three installations in Thailand.

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Mep has always focused on flexibility and dialogue with its customers in an attempt to best meet the most diverse cutting needs related to different fields and applications. This was also the case of our last three installations in Thailand thanks to the collaborations with our trustworthy Thai dealer.


These are three customers who work in different fields going from rice and steel processing to construction engineering. Despite this diversity, Mep managed to propose ideal solutions to facilitate their main processes and, in this case, the protagonists were our band sawing machines SHARK 230-1 NC HS 5.0, SHARK 282 SXI EVO and SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0.


SHARK 230-1 NC HS 5.0

The first customer cuts components used during rice milling processes.Specifically, the materials are structural steel solid bars (S20C and S45C), with a diameter of 50, 65, 100, 150 or 200 mm.

Due to these cutting needs, the customer chose our SHARK 230-1 NC HS 5.0, a dual-column hydraulic automatic band sawing machine for 0° cuts of structural, stainless and alloy steels, solids and profiles. Moreover, this machine can also operate in semi-automatic mode and it was designed to respond to a wide range of cutting needs related to modern mechanical workshops, turnshops and metal construction.

Why the Shark 230-1 NC HS 5.0

  • This sawing machine is the winning combination between minimum space and maximum cutting performance because it has a footprint of 2.5 sqm only.
  • The two working modes allow to perform any kind of cut in the most efficient way.
  • The control allowing to store up to 100 programs, each one with different quantities and lengths, minimizes programming times of regular jobs.
  • Saw head structure in grey heavy-duty cast iron (G25) that absorbs vibration and grants greater cutting stability and longer blade life.
  • Upon request, the machine is equipped with the automatic retract of the bar feeder fixed jaw, which allows to feed also non-straight bars. 

The customer chose Mep after having compared the sawing machine technical data and characteristics with other models. In particular, the choice fell on this machine thanks to some of its strengths that are: the body, the availability to view cutting parameters and measures in real-time and, last but not least, the optional automatic retract.





The second customer works in the steel industry and executes miter cuts of structural beams and profiles, with sizes going from 150x8 mm to 200x10 mm and so on.

Considering his working needs, in this case the customer took into consideration our range of semi-automatic machines and chose the SHARK 282 SXI EVO, a hydraulic band sawing machine to cut several metals mitering from -45° to +60°. In addition to the semi-automatic cycle, the machine can also operate with manual and semi-automatic/dynamic modes.

Why the Shark 282 SXI EVO

  • The main control with acustic commands is assembled on an articulated arm thus granting full control in all operational status. 
  • The cast-iron structure of the saw head, cutting table and vice absorbs vibrations during the cut and ensures longer blade life
  • The clamping unit sliding longitudinally to the right and left of the saw head allows to safely perform even precise miter cuts. 
  • The LCD display shows the status of the sawing machine and all its parameters thus allowing maximum control in real-time.
  • Angles scale engraved on the turning table allows to easily perform precise cuts in perfect tolerance at any angle.
  • The cutting table assembled on bearings allows an easy and smooth rotation of the saw head with minimal operator's effort.

The customer was impressed by the quality of the machine and its monitoring system and it is for this reason that he preferred our company to other Thai brands.




SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0

The third customer works in the construction engineering field and cuts H-I beams made with structural steel (SS400), which have various sizes equal to 75x75x4,0 mm, 250x10 mm or 300x10 mm. This customer was met at first during the Metalex 2020 exhibition; then, we began doing business with him thanks to our local dealer and the full trust reserved to him for the way of working and the ability to meet particular cutting needs.

In this specific case, the customer chose the SHARK 332-1 NC 5.0, an electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machine to cut metals mitering from -45° to +60°, which can also operate with semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual modes. One of its main distinguishing features is the ability to combine accuracy and cutting quality at any angle.

Why the Shark 332-1 NC 5.0

  • The automatic acquisition of the saw head cutting start position reduces setting time.
  • The 2.2 Kw motor with vector inverter for infinite variable blade rotation speed from 15 to 100 m/min allows to adjust the band saw blade rotation speed according to the type of material.
  • The coolant flood underneath the cutting table avoids the accumulation of chips and downtimes during the chip removal. 
  • Self-regulation of head down feed rate allowing to execute cuts with an excellent finishing in any condition (even in case of blade wear).
  • The machine is equipped with an adjustable vertical roller allowing to execute bundle cuts in a single row. 

In addition to his interest in European-made products, the customer decided to purchase this machine thanks to the high quality of our products and the excellence of our service.




To conclude, we would like to thank our Thai retailer Takeco Engineering for the excellent partnership and growth opportunities it continues to offer our company. At the same time, we hope that our solutions can help the three Thai customers to optimize their production.


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