Case history

Our team of experts available to meet every cutting need in the engineering shop field with custom solutions.

From the very beginning, MEP has provided the right solutions to the most specific cutting needs of those companies working in the various fields in which our sawing machines are used. The passion and the highest level of professionalism that characterize our team of experts allow us to realize customized projects for those businesses who decide to contact us.
Because of our technical flexibility, a well-known company decided to rely on our team of experts. Below you can discover some information about one of the customized projects we built recently.
Led by the necessity of innovating itself and increasing productivity through space optimization and material handling, a company based in Vicenza - who's specialized in mechanical turnery - decided to consult our engineers to find the best option.
The company works in many sectors, such as electromechanics, automotive, thermodynamics, and manages the cut of several materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and brass. Needing sawing flexibility and cutting precision, our customer chose to rely on MEP - thanks to the suggestion of one of our local dealers. Specifically, the customer needed to cut tubes (with a diameter between 12 and 20 mm) and chromed rounds (with a diameter between 25 and 35 mm) with 43 HRC hardness.
Our experts chose the automatic band sawing machine SHARK 230-1 NC HS 5.0 as the solution to the customer's requests and we did some cutting tests on round tubes and tempered steel to show him the advantages of our sawing machine. Our customer was really impressed with the outcome of the tests and, in particular, with the cutting precision and speed and the user interface, which allows to control all the cutting parameters in real time and appears to be easy and user friendly.
Why the automatic band sawing machine Shark 230-1 NC HS 5.0
SHARK 230-1 NC HS 5.0, dual-column electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machine for 0° cuts of structural, stainless and alloy steels, solids and profiles. In addition to the automatic cycle, it can also operate in semi-automatic mode.
  • The two working modes (semi-automatic and automatic ones) allow to perform any kind of cut in the most efficient way.
  • Great compactness thanks to a footprint of 2.5 sqm only.
  • The control allowing to store up to 100 cutting programs, each one with different quantities and lengths, minimizes programming time of regular jobs.
  • The saw head motion is powered by a hydraulic cylinder on linear guides with preloaded ball screw slides and ensures a mechanical vibration reduction and stability during the cut.
  • The automatic alignment of the front blade guide head according to the dimensions of the bars to cut reduces execution time.
  • The vector inverter for infinite variable blade speed from 15 to 100 m/min allows to adjust the band saw blade rotation according to the type of material.
  • Self-regulation in real-time of head down feed rate according to material resistance or blade wear.
To be able to fulfill our customer's production requirements, we had to:
  • Customize the vice system in order to avoid material wear while clamping;
  • Realize the jaws of the infeed cutting and feeder vices without knurling, while the knurling of the jaws of the outfeed cutting vice have been reduced to the minimum in order to ensure sufficient clamping of the material (only 15 mm) without damaging the surface;
  • Equip the sawing machine with KIT IOT INDUSTRY 4.0, which allows to maximize data collection and use them in favor of a better sawing machine cutting performance and longer blade life;
  • Create an outfeed powered bar conveyor complete with a slightly tilted tray to allow coolant recovery, capable of containing the cuts resulted from 2 bars with a maximum diameter of 20mm and a length of 1000mm;
  • Equip the sawing machine with the options of the double locking clamping vice - which allows the material to be clamped either during the loading and unloading, in order to cut without re-burring - and with the automatic retreat of the back jaw of the feeder vice - which facilitates the feeding of the bars even when deformed;
  • Add 4.5 m of KK330 idler conveyors for better infeed material handling.

In developing this project, we had the pleasure of meeting a company that, like us, puts quality and reliability first. We thank the customer for the trust he has given us, and we believe the chosen product will live up to his expectations: working to build a custom product is always an opportunity to grow, to improve and to evolve according to the new customer needs.