What to do first when chaos starts reigning over your workshop?

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What to do first when chaos starts reigning over your workshop? That’s how the cutting line designed and manufactured by Mep has improved the optimization and organizational needsof a great French service center.

What to do first when chaos starts reigning over your workshop? | © MEP S.p.A. - Circular and band sawing machines to cut metals

In an increasingly competitive market, one of the keys to continue growing is definitely to do your best in order to obtain optimum efficiency of means and resources.

Production optimization in terms of processes and resources is one of the main objectives of this French service center and its modernization activities.

The company belongs to a famous group active in large-scale distribution and specialized in products for hardware, construction and various building fields. Moreover, it is located in 5 different departments of Southern France, but it is active throughout the French territory.

The cutting center of the group, based in Montpellier where also the shipyard business is very strong, there was the need to replace an old cutting line with a new sawing machine equipped with a handling system designed for beams and ferrous material.

Since the company do business also with carpenter and fabrication’s shop as well as personals, the need to both reduce order lead times and improve the use of resources was always in the first place.


Nevertheless, what is necessary to really optimize the use of resources without affecting the quality of the product?


According to us, the solution consists of a more efficient organization of spaces and time as well as a better coordination of tools and materials. For this reason, we have proposed SHARK 512 SXI EVO, the sawing machine equipped with a motorized roller conveyor system including measuring stop device, staging skids, controlled through a Panel PC. This has proved to be definitely the winning solution!


SHARK 512 SXI EVO, the semi-automatic band sawing machine to cut metal profiles and beams up to 60° L+R and great both in capacity and performance, has significantly reduced cutting times.

– The Control Panel, which allows to send cutting programs from remote, has optimized times, labour and materials to cut.

– The roller conveyors, with an electrical and mechanic modularity and a wide range of options, have met the most various material handling needs with respect to the shape and section.

– The programmable measuring stop to automatically measure the piece to cut has reduced to minimum manual material handling.

Staging skids have proved to be the best solution for an organized and tidy stock of the material either to be cut and already cut taking just alittle space.

Moreover, our team has designed the complete cutting line aiming to optimize the use of the two overhead cranes positioned over the equipments and used for handling of material to various lines.


Our machinery flexibility and modularity together with its extreme solidity and heavy duty structure have proved to be the winning features that have allowed to propose a simple and economic-friendly solution, which has met all cutting and material handling needs.


Tired of working with low-performing machinery that slows down your production process?

Are you looking for a cutting and material handling solution that could both solve your space problems and optimize your resources?

Do you need to find a solution to the chaos reigning over your workshopand storage area?

Let’s find together the key to the problem as well as the most suitable solution for your needs!


Our team of experts will examine your needs, on site too, in order to guarantee both ananalysis and layout proposals satisfying your specific needs, also with custom modules.
Constantly updated on the latest innovations, our team will develop cutting-edge solutions by studying innovative formulas in line with the highest standards of the sawing machine industry.


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