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Since 1964 MEP Spa has been a leading company in the production of metal cutting machines and plants, continuously evolving and able to grow in tune with the changes in the market, and establishing its name in the main world markets.
The company is part of the MEP Group, which is currently present in the major reference markets, with leading positions in those of primary importance, and also has production plants in Canada, USA and China. Since 2019, MEP Group has also been acquired by the French industrial group LEGRIS INDUSTRIES, which thus provides additional solidity also from a business continuity perspective.

MEP Spa is a company that devotes significant resources to the research and development of its products, both from the point of view of technological innovation on the frontier of Industry 4.0 and of compliance with the relevant mandatory regulations, also on evolving issues such as safety in the workplace and the environment.
Partly because of the international and national crisis, the company has therefore strengthened further its levels of product innovation in order to remain competitive in the markets in which it operates, seeking to constantly improve its offering to all its customers.
Starting from these consolidated bases of corporate culture, the Presidency and the Company Management have decided to integrate their own Quality, Environment and Safety in the Workplace Management Systems in order to:
•    Maintain MEP Spa as a company able to meet the various market demands;
•    Provide customers with products and related assistance to meet the expected level of quality;
•    Maintain consistency in the quality of the products offered over time;
•    Seek constant improvement of products with regard to the quality of workmanship;
•    Maintain compliance of the products offered to laws, directives and all applicable regulations;
•    Maintain a high level of awareness and consistency in the company mission, the internal climate and the principles of the policy for Quality, the Environment and Safety in the workplace;
•    Establish objectives for Quality, the Environment and Safety in the workplace that are consistent with the policy and ensure the availability of adequate resources to implement the policy;
•    Pursue excellence in the field of safety, aiming at the continuous improvement of the formal and substantial conditions of protection of health and safety of workers in the workplace where they operate;
•    Be consistent with the strategic direction and context of the organization;
•    Provide a framework for defining and monitoring objectives related to Quality, Environment and Safety in the workplace;
•    Include a commitment to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution;
•    Include a commitment to improve the performance of the Management System itself.
The tools that MEP Spa uses to achieve its objectives are: 
•    The constant commitment of the Company Management;
•    A clear and accepted definition of the tasks and responsibilities of the company functions;
•    The complete and precise definition of the product specifications;
•    Compliance with all the mandatory regulations applicable to its activities;
•    The awareness of the benefits for the organization, suppliers and customers of not being satisfied with the mere compliance with the requirements for the products manufactured;
•    The implementation of control tools, widely computerized, to which all business functions must refer in carrying out their activities;
•    The provision of adequate human and economic resources;
•    The development of staff skills and awareness of the importance of the activities carried out by them;
•    Compliance with current provisions on health and safety in the workplace, but also seeking continuous improvement in its performance, to protect its employees and third parties working for it, the people living near its sites, as well as its plants and its customers and for the protection of the surrounding environment.
•    Issuing, introducing, developing and/or revising safety plans to ensure that its managers, middle managers, employees and workers and therefore MEP Spa itself behave in compliance with the relevant laws in force, company specifications and standards, also taking into account foreseeable legislative developments.
•    Establishing criteria for the correct use of natural and energy resources, with enhancement of the role of electricity, natural gas, heat, pure or assimilated renewable sources and water;
•    The complete and precise definition of product specifications for respecting the environment;
•    Compliance with all regulations applicable to its activities.
All MEP employees, and in particular Managers, Middle Managers and persons in charge of the areas of their competence, have the task of supervising and periodically ascertaining that the above principles are respected. 
In a dynamic view of the System, the objectives are constantly evolving and the commitment of the Board of Directors is to continuous improvement in the areas of Quality, Environment and Safety in the Workplace also in full compliance with the law. 
In particular, the improvement objectives for the next System cycle 2020/2021, taking into account the current production methods through which MEP operates, are:


•    Completion of the transition of the entire MEP/HYDMECH group to the use of SAP HANA as ERP and the business intelligence Qlik view;
•    Increase of human resources dedicated to the automation and digitalization office;
•    Completion of the integration of Azure Cloud within the business intelligence to improve the security of all data;
•    Completion of the product configurator through the integration with SAP for the automatic production of the quotation;
•    Implementation of the Industry 4.0 "Smart SAW" project with creation of IoT portal for MEP automatic machines with CRM, AR, MES sawing machines, machine telemetry and cutting library, predictive maintenance;


•    Definition of a specific procedure that regulates the continuous replacement of lifting accessories in all production departments with appropriate and CE certified models;
•    Definition in the design phase of suitable balanced and safe gripping points for heavy semi-finished materials (over 10 kg);
•    Extension of OSH training signs by means of posters in the workplace for handling with magnetic lifts, electrical risk, as well as general safety rules for access to production departments and showrooms by visitors, salespeople and non-operating technicians;
•    Extension and improvement of participation and consultation with workers and external stakeholders through new dedicated initiatives.


•    Completion of the migration of all the company's lighting systems to more efficient systems to reduce energy impact (e.g. LED lamps);
•    Improvement of the management of oily emulsions resulting from the compressed air bins in the shipping department for collection without dispersion and verification of disposal with any oil filters;
•    Increase in the equipment and correct use of the containment basins located in the R2 waste storage area for ferrous materials for the leaching of oily fluids. 
In order to achieve these improvement objectives, the commitment of all company functions will also be required to ensure that the Policy is received, implemented and disseminated.
Everyone will have to put effort, motivation and involvement to achieve and share these objectives for Quality, Environment and Safety in the Workplace; the Company Management, on the other hand, will promote this Policy and make sure that it is assimilated and shared at all levels of the organization.

Pergola, 4 August 2020

The Executive Board
Eng. Walter Di Giovanni



environmental policy 

MEP Spa has always placed at the center of its business management the protection of the environment by observing strict regulation aimed at reducing the environmental effects of its organization’s activities. 

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Environmental Policy of Mep Segatrici | © MEP S.p.A. - Circular and band sawing machines to cut metals

Environmental Policy of Mep Segatrici | © MEP S.p.A. - Circular and band sawing machines to cut metals

quality policy

The MEP Spa Quality Management System obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017.
Our Quality Management System has always aimed to conduct business practices with the purpose to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in product manufacturing and service provision,  and to obtain and increase customer satisfaction. 

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safety policy

The MEP Spa Safety at Work Management System obtained OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in May 2008, which was then replaced by BS ISO 45001 in 2018.
This certification marks the end point of a path of attention and improvement on health and accident prevention issues, which have always been of primarily importance to the company.

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Environmental Policy of Mep Segatrici | © MEP S.p.A. - Circular and band sawing machines to cut metals



MEP S.p.a. has always been committed to promoting sustainable business practices, integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles and, finally, ensuring the physical and moral integrity of employees and collaborators.

In recognition of our commitment, on 19 July 2023 MEP S.p.a. was awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal.

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