High-speed automatic circular sawing machines Velocex: the ideal solution for fast and accurate cuts


Let's discover in detail the Velocex line, introduced by Mep to solve to solve the main high production needs of the mechanical workshops.

High-speed automatic circular sawing machines are one of the main solutions offered for modern mechanical workshops and service centers. These machines are designed to meet the need for fast and precise cuts on a wide range of materials of various sizes and with different thicknesses such as steel, aluminum, copper and metal alloys, enabling workshops and service centers to meet different customer requirements. These machines can be equipped with circular blades with TCT or ceramic plates (CERMET).

Thanks to their automatic configuration, there is no need for operator intervention during cutting cycles, thus saving time and consequently increasing productivity. To further reduce production downtime, it is possible to equip the machines with automatic bar warehouses (optional). In addition, automatic material positioning and remote programmability allow uniform cuts and minimize human errors in the programming of work cycles.

Among its main advantages, this category of sawing machines is charachterized by the ability to handle high workloads and ensure significantly higher cutting performance (for example than band sawing machines) as well as a high level of safety thanks to protection devices and automatic stop systems in case of danger.

Mep offers an entire line of high-speed automatic circular sawing machines designed for those looking for productivity, efficiency and precision, without compromises in terms of cutting quality. Thanks to their reliability, versatility and performance, these machines are ideal for different industrial and craft applications and for the execution of 0° cuts on ferrous materials and metal alloys with diameters up to 200mm.

In the coming days we will show some installations made around the world of our Velocex sawing machines!