"We can choose what we want to sow,
but we are compelled to reap
what we have sown"

The cutting specialists

We are conscious of the responsibility we have in representing the first step of any bar machining process; this awareness drives us each day to design and manufacture metal sawing machines that improve your production cycle, generating value-added returns.

For this reason, our main and sole ambition is to be cutting specialists and innovators.



Semi-automatic circular sawing machines to cut metals | © MEP S.p.A. - Circular and band sawing machines to cut metals


Are you struggling to find a product suited to your needs?

We can arrange together with you an adequate turnkey solution by relying on the creativity of our research and development team.


MEP GROUP is one of the main references worldwide in the metal sawing machine market.



Production plants in 3 continents


Different sawing machine models in the range


Countries to which our products are distributed


Machines manufactured annually



50 million

Euro annual turnover