Mep S.p.a. was awarded the EcoVadis silver medal


Ecovadis awards Mep S.p.a. with the silver medal placing the company among the best businesses with a recognition achieved only by 25% of the evaluated companies.

Mep S.p.a. was awarded the EcoVadis silver medal

Mep has always been committed to working with integrity, responsibility and respect for both employees and external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, community and environment. We are therefore pleased to announce that our company has been awarded the EcoVadis silver medal, reaching the 90th percentile. This important milestone represents a recognition of our constant commitment to promoting sustainable business practices, integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into our core business and, finally, ensuring the physical and moral integrity of employees and collaborators.

EcoVadis is one of the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings that assesses the performance of companies according to a wide range of environmental, social and ethical criteria, including environmental impact, stakeholder involvement, management practices and so on. The EcoVadis evaluation is based on 21 sustainability criteria and four main themes which are:

  1. Environment: assessment of the company based on practices aimed at reducing environmental impact, waste management, energy efficiency and responsible use of natural resources.
  2. Labor & Human Rights: analysis of business practices aimed at ensuring fair working conditions and respect for human rights, combating child labor and promoting diversity and inclusion.
  3. Ethics: assessment of the company's policies and practices relating to transparency, fight against corruption and compliance with laws and ethical rules.
  4. Sustainable Procurement: study of sustainability management in the company’s supply chain, encouraging employees and business partners to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices.

This recognition confirms the positioning of our company as a responsible reality aware of the importance of acting in an ethical and sustainable way and, thanks to constant teamwork, Mep is ready to face future challenges and continue to grow in an increasingly sustainable way for the environment, society and economy.